Waterproofing can be a much more affordable alternative to prolong the life of your roof.

South Florida roofs get exposed to water more than any other roof in the country. Waterproofing can extend the life of your roof by years. The best part is it works on all kinds of roofs:

  • Shingle Roofs
  • Metal Roofs
  • Tile Roofs
  • Flat Roofs
  • and more

Waterproofing your roof can prevent leaks and future damage. It can even help you avoid a costly roof replacement. One thing it cannot do is apply itself. It takes precision and skill to waterproof a roof once and well. If it isn’t done right the first time, it can get messy and expensive.

Distinctive Roofing is the leading expert in Waterproofing every type of roof in South Florida. It was one of the first services we ever offered. After this many years, we got pretty good at it. Now, we’re the best choice for waterproofing in South Florida.

We use premium materials at an affordable price. We guarantee every roof we waterproof.

That’s our promise. That’s what makes us the best. That’s the Distinctive experience.

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