Having trouble with your roof? Is your roof in need of a makeover? Has years of damage taken a toll on your roof?

Re-Roofing may be the best and most affordable answer to your woes.

The benefits of re-roofing are abundant. You can give your roof a refreshing new look and feel while keeping your current roof deck. Re-roofing can save you a lot of money versus replacing the entire roof.

Many times, extreme South Florida weather, exposure to the elements and normal wear-and-tear can wreak havoc on an older roof. Tiles on a tile roof can break off. Metal can become an annoyance in the rainy season.

Other times, you may want some new curb appeal. Shingles may be effective, but many HOA’s in South Florida require tile or clay.

Distinctive Roofing is equipped to handle any re-roofing needs you have. We use top-of-the-line roofing materials to give your roof an elite-quality feel at an affordable price. We buy our premium roofing materials in bulk. This gives us the ability to give you the curb appeal and reassurance of a top quality re-roofing at a price you wouldn’t expect.

That’s what makes Distinctive Roofing the very best in re-roofing in South Florida.